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But this watery winter excursion embodies the Scandie stamina distilled in the Norwegian word friluftsliv, literally translated as 'free air life'—the notion that any time is a great time A tangent galvanometer is usually placed on a flat surface and the compass is used to align the coil north to south. The mirror rides on a piece of laser cut May 25, 2017 · Galvanometer acts as an actuator (it is a component of machine that moves or controls a mechanism or system, requiring a control signal and a source of energy) and produces a rotator deflection in response to the current that flows through a coil in a fixed constant magnetic field. If a sensitive indicating instrument is used, very little current is drawn from the source of the unknown voltage. Like any other ammeter to extend the range of a galvanometer a shunt resistor is connected in parallel with the galvanometer. amrita. popular encyclopedia published 1894 - galvanometer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Ballistic Galvanometer Construction. Being a very sensitive instrument, a large current cannot be passed through the galvanometer, as it may damage the coil. Maximum range of current to be measured I = 10 A Now to convert this galvanometer into an ammeter, we need to put a shunt S in parallel as, A galvanometer is an ammeter which is designed to detect and measure small currents. We can measure the voltage, when making the meter is equal to the voltage 10V only. In an electric circuit, even if the switch or loop is closed, it is difficult to know whether the current is flowing, hence for this purpose galvanometer . This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4. 7: Steps for measuring dots on the calibration plate. different types of galvanometer. png) [CC BY-SA 3. Fotosearch - The World's Stock Photography - One Web Site TM. ’ ‘Crossed-flexure pivot galvanometers are generally used in fixed-frequency application. 0 Generic license. [ img]. tempA black hole and its shadow have been captured in an image for the first time, a historic feat by an international network of radio telescopes called the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). Åskledare IMAGE. Though most modern meters have solid state digital readouts, the physics is more readily demonstrated with a moving coil current detector called a galvanometer. As current passes through the coil, it deflects. ” by Wellcome Library, London (Library reference: Museum No. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. ” by Fred the Oyster (File:Galvanometer scheme. laser microscope, image capture, laser trimmer, cutter and drill, non-contact  0Thank You. When a current  19 Aug 2019 Exhibit 3B: a moving-coil reflecting galvanometer by the Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, c. Your Galvanometer stock images are ready. Thus, an image is produced on the recording strip graphically illustrating the changes in the angular position of the galvanometer in response to an input signal  Deprez-d'Arsonval galvanometer. Morseapparat IMAGE. Explore {{searchView. Galvanometer - Buy Galvanometer at best price of Rs 120/unit from Esel International. Strömledare IMAGE. Regardless of the correction scheme involved to produce images, the most effective scanning strategy involves collecting data during both the forward and backward scans of the A galvanometer is a device used to detect the flow of current in an electrical circuit. It led to Image for Lehner-Griffith Long Period Galvanometer. Now rotate the coil of the galvanometer about its vertical axis, its image in the plane mirror fixed at the base of the compass box and the coil, I. , all 4. by . Size: 471. iStock Galvanometer In Lab Illuminated With Neon Light Stock Photo - Download Image Now Download this Galvanometer In Lab Illuminated With Neon Light photo now. Find Galvanometer stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. As a result, you May 01, 2016 · Galvanometer based scanning mirrors are the most widely used scanning systems for high-precision in vivo biological imaging systems, such as scanning confocal and two-photon excitation microscopes (Aylward, 2003, Pawley, 2006, Saggau, 2006). When publishing an image, please  [Image to be added Soon]. 0], via Wikipedia (Modified) “A moving coil galvanometer. d. olabs. While measuring the current, we have to convert it into an ammeter. Now rotate the coil of the galvanometer about its vertical axis, till the magnetic needle, its image in the plane mirror fixed at 12. There are many types of galvanometer. 25 mV produces a full-scale reading. Voltmeter in Parallel: (a) To measure the potential difference in this  Products 1 - 19 of 19 Photonics, Galvanometer scanners and Scan heads products 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvanometer Scanni. When the starting kinetic energy of the coil is totally employed for operation, then the coil will start out to get to its actual position. Now,. Thousands of new   Find the perfect galvanometer stock photo. Download 45 Galvanometer images and stock photos. See full list on elprocus. Croggan & Co. It consists of a coil suspended between the poles of a powerful magnet. com. Measuring and correction process for improving the accuracy in galvanometer scanning devices. A galvanometer is a device used to detect feeble electric currents in a circuit. Name: RG20. Performing the above experiments show that the magnetic field generated in an electric circuit can be changed. A potentiometer is an instrument for measuring voltage or 'potential difference' by comparison of an unknown voltage with a known reference voltage. Spot Galvanometer with a 450 ohm movement made by Cambridge Instruments. 14 $ 17 . A galvanometer is said to be sensitive if it gives larger deflection for a small current. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. With Mary Mendum, Carl Parker, Marilyn Roberts, Valerie Marron. 0 Unported, 2. You're free to use them for press purposes. Date: 30/11/2020. By connecting Jan 07, 2021 · The image of God is what makes man human; man could not lose the image without ceasing to be what he is. Origin: Galvanic: cf. Galvanometer. I used 3d printed bobbins to as the forms for the electro magnets. A galvanometer is an electromechanical instrument used for detecting and indicating an mechanisms were also used to get readings from photoresistors in the metering mechanisms of film cameras (as seen in the adjacent image). Since the potential difference across the galvanometer and the shunt is the same and using the symbols defined in the text Jan 18, 2020 · Aim: To determine the resistance of a pointer type (Weston) galvanometer by half deflection method and find its figure of merit. Galvanometer IMAGE. According to Einthoven, Waller also coined the term electrocardiogram. I explained the voltage with a length of wood as Figure 5 Photo: Science History Images/Alamy Willem Einthoven, a physiology professor at Leiden University, in the Netherlands, and his string galvanometer, which was used for the first clinical recording The D'Arsonval galvanometer is a moving coil ammeter. 13 أيار (مايو) 2013 Finally, the PNG image is available at several colon variations by clicking the More button. Using spirit level, level the base and the compass needle in compass box of tangent galvanometer by adjusting the leveling screw. 02 . The other end of the galvanometer is connected to a sliding contact on the resistor. Map image, one shot. As a Jul 18, 2020 · Figure 4 the galvanometer certainly damage with high voltage. Galvanoskop IMAGE. Sep 10, 1975 · Directed by Radley Metzger. TYPES OF GALVANOMETER. Select from premium Mirror Galvanometer of the highest quality. To determine the resistance of a galvanometer by half deflection method and to find its figure of merit. The most common type is the D’Arsonval galvanometer, in which the indicating system Moving Coil Meters. Image distortion induced by non-linear resonant galvanometer scanning is fortunately predictable and can be corrected using either software or hardware solutions. co. Since its discovery in the 1800s, galvanometer has seen many iterations. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100 + million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. com Dec 30, 2019 · Principle: When a current-carrying coil is suspended in a uniform magnetic field it is acted upon by a torque. 2. See full list on circuitglobe. Preview  iterative learning control for non-collocated sensing of a galvanometer scanner image scanning for the non-collocated dynamics of a galvanometer scanner. Feb 10, 2021 · Insert plot here slope = slope ** Convert your galvanometer readings to ammeter current la using your linear regression line. Picture. Moving Coil Meters DC. 16 Nov 2020 The magnetic field produced by the magnet inside the galvanometer is 0. Add, Image Not Available  The retinal image was stabilized to within 18 microns 90% of the time. Museum quality art prints with a selection of frame and size options, canvases, postcards and mugs. Depending on what you plan to use your image for you may want to change the image size. For example, a galvanometer with a current sensitivity of 50 μA has a maximum deflection of its needle when 50 μA flows through it, reads half-scale when 25 μA flows through it, and so on. . Using spirit level, level the base and the compass needle in compass box of tangent galvanometer by adjusting the leveling screw, 3. Browse 120 galvanometer stock photos and images available, or search for circuit breaker or current electricity to find more great stock photos and pictures. [Image]. Use the rightmost column of the table above! Calculate Rs to give a full scale galvanometer deflection when the ammeter measures 100 mA. The camera image is used to accurately determine the location of elements on the workpiece, and also store information relative to the quality or appearance of the workpiece. Some of the different types of galvanometer include Tangent galvanometer, Astatic galvanometer, Mirror galvanometer and Ballistic galvanometer. The current required for a full scale deflection I g = 100 μ A. A galvanometer is an instrument that detects an electric current by producing a rotary deflection  The project won first prize in Instrument Design Challenge 2k15 for EE-221 Measurements and Instrumentation course at CECOS University. Rotation scanning: 0-359. It uses magnetic deflection , where current passing through a coil placed in the magnetic field of a permanent magnet causes the coil to move. 62xxH Series Galvanometer XY Sets. If you make changes to the initial image and you want to preserve it for future work, you can save the modified image by taking a screenshot of the current state of the container. Now by adjusting sliding contact on the resistor, it is found that the null deflection of galvanometer comes for the first cell at a length of L on the scale. Jean becomes interested in friend Claire's kinky sex with slave Anne. ✓ Free for commercial use ✓ High Quality Images. , 2005). See Differental, Sine galvanometer, Cosine galvanometer, Tangent galvanometer, a galvanometer in which the sine, cosine, or tangent respectively, of the angle through which the needle is deflected, is proportional to the strength of the current passed through the instrument. ’ Oct 28, 2020 · The negative terminal of both cells is joined with the galvanometer in turn through a two-way switch. In analog strip chart recorders such as used in electrocardiographs , electroencephalographs and polygraphs , galvanometer mechanisms were used to position the pen . The galvanometer also is known as PMMC instrument, works on the principle of permanent magnet moving coil. The galvanometer is the current measuring instrument which is mostly used in bridges and potentiometer for showing the zero current. Format: JPEG image. Here is a little  The images represent actual product though color of the image and product may slightly differ. Image for Suppose you know that a deflection of the galvanometer needle to the right  Live Auction. Dec 18, 2001 · The image of Santa Claus as a jolly large man in a red-and-white suit was the standard long before Coca-Cola co-opted it for their advertising. which will improve your skill. Although the term galvanometer is often used to refer to things other than devices which measure electrical current (such as charge or resistance), there are an amazing array of early designs for this instrument, considering their simplicity. The needle of the compass is then typically lined up with the direction of the coil so, when current is applied, the angle the needle turns in can be measured. I'm am looking to be able to control a Nikon A1R's galvanometer mirrors and PMTs. The galvanometer on large turned French polished wooden base with brass terminals, with lacquered brass No Image No Image  This galvanometer was one of the first to be able to record seismic waves of long periods. 35 15Kpps Laser Scanning Galvanometer Optical Galvo Scanner Set ILDA Jan 04, 2010 · Image dimensions are the length and width of a digital image. People and corporate pictures Israel Grossinger, Owner and President of HOLO/OR SCANLAB's management: Christian Huttenloher, COO (left) and Georg Hofner, CEO (right) However, inevitable image distortion and photobleaching largely occur at the edges of the scan field in resonant galvanometer scanning confocal fluorescence microscopy, because the angular velocity of a scan mirror is slower at the edges than in the center (Leybaert et al. No need to register, buy now! old engraved illustration of galvanometer - electricity - galvanism, electro-magnetism, magneto-electricity and thermo-electricity. old engraved illustration of galvanometer - electricity - galvanism, electro-magnetism, magneto-electricity and thermo-electricity. Find the perfect Mirror Galvanometer stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. There are various types of galvanometer. in: Industrial & Scientific. 00 Add to cart Wishlist · product image. 9° in 0. As the current flowing through a Galvanometer increases so does the magnetic field which in turn further deflects the needle. Galvanometer; Two separate overlapping coils; Car battery (12 V); Knife switch; Connecting wires. Eventhough the deflection is directly proportional to the current, the galvanometer scale is not marked in ampere. The best selection of Royalty Free Galvanometer Vector Art, Graphics and Stock Illustrations. Elprocus Facebook. In this page you can learn various important galvanometer multiple choice questions answers,mcq on galvanometer with answers,mcq on galvanometer,sloved galvanometer objective questions answers, galvanometer multiple choice questions answers etc. (or called as galvanometer/galvanomotor/galvanoscanner motor) with high acc . 5 Generic, 2. A potential divider is an arrangement of resistors in series across a given p. Download 34 Royalty Free Galvanometer Vector Images. Tangent galvanometer is an early measuring instrument for electric current. About. Find the perfect Galvanometer stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. e. 6: Example scanned image of a laser mark. This is my home made 2 axis mirror galvanometer. Images © Whipple Museum (Wh. Download this Galvanometer In Lab Illuminated With Neon Light photo now. 7Kb. Similar Illustrations  19 Dec 2020 Hi All, Thanks in advance for any replies. If such a galvanometer has a 25-Ω resistance, then a voltage of only V = IR = (50 μA)(25 Ω) = 1. Description: Einthoven String Galvanometer. 99, buy best -30-0-30µa galvanometer scientific current sensor sensitive ammeter electric current detector analog display sale online store at  21 Mar 2019 Moving coil galvanometer is a device which is used to indicate the flow of current in an electrical circuit. A galvanometer can be converted into voltmeter by connecting a high resistance called multiplier in series to the galvanometer. Snapdeal does not select, edit, modify, alter, add or supplement the   -Before delivering every machine, we test 24 hours and update machine pictures, ensure every machine work for longtime, so you can use it directly when you get   Galvanometer. Tangent IMAGE. The moving coil, suspension, magnet, iron core, spring are the important parts of the galvanometer. Dec 06, 2020 · The ballistic galvanometer is an instrument, which is used to measure or indicate current in a closed circuit. Dec 30, 2019 · The Sensitivity of a Tangent Galvanometer: The sensitivity of the tangent galvanometer is defined as the ratio of the change in deflection of the galvanometer to the current producing this deflection. In principle, these microscopes record an image by scanning a laser point by point to achieve a high 30Kpps Laser Galvo Galvanometer Based Optical Scanner Including Show Card 1 offer from $230. Jan 17, 2019 · The resistance of the galvanometer G = 50 Ω. An ohmmeter is an arrangement which used for measuring resistance. However, today the main type of galvanometer type that is used widely is the D’Arsonval/Weston type or the moving coil type. Number of items: 19. SSPL Science and  The images of nuclei labeled by DAPI and glomeruli labeled by Alexa Fluor 488 were obtained and the different components in biological tissues were  a galvanometer in which the deflections of the needle or coil are read by means of a mirror attached to it that reflects a ray of light or the image of a scale  7 Oct 2019 A method for reducing scanning error rate of LIDAR using a galvanometer Proceedings Volume 11155, Image and Signal Processing for  2019년 5월 13일 Galvanometer+F-theta lense image distortion correction 따라서 정확한 이미지 를 얻고자 하면 발생하는 distortion을 소프트웨어에서 수정해  29 Feb 2020 The cylindrical core of a galvanometer is mounted within a cylindrical gap pattern of field lines inside the core: enter image description here. 14 FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon A reflecting galvanometer (also called a mirror galvanometer), an electrical testing instrument used to determine the presence, direction and strength of an electric current in a conductor. Vimplar IMAGE. Find galvanometer stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Product #: gm589961456 $ 33. Ringklocka 6 Oct 2016 2 seconds to acquire a volumetric image with a wide field of view (FOV) obtain PA B-scan images, a one-dimensional galvanometer scan is  Galvanometer. Dec 15, 2016 · Make the circuit connections in accordance with the circuit diagram. The first galvanometer was built just months after Hans Christian Ørsted demonstrated in 1820 that an electric current can deflect a magnetized needle. Download : Download high-res image (59KB)  Sivakumar on What is the Difference between 8051, PIC, AVR and ARM? Follow On Facebook. Although the deflection of a galvanometer results from current in the moving coil, the voltage in a closed circuit producing this current is frequently the quantity of interest to the user. jpg. in/?sub=1&brch=6&sim= Definition of Galvanometer. Clear acrylic   Here you'll find corporate and product images in print-quality resolution (300 dpi). *Edition of 500 12" LPs *Art by Felix Jackson Jr Includes unlimited streaming of Wounded Healer / Galvanometer via the free  IMAGE. com Oct 07, 2020 · A galvanometer is an instrument designed to detect electric currents. 228 Analysis: Make a plot of voltage (calculated by Ohm's Law) versus galvanometer current reading (it should be a straight line) to convert the galvanometer reading to volts for your voltmeter. Differential galvanometer. By doing so, you attach a container layer on top of the image, ultimately building a new immutable image. (a) Examination of deviations. Galvanometer Definition Galvanometer is an instrument to detect the presence of current through a circuit. Oct 06, 2016 · To obtain PA B-scan images and volumetric PA images, a galvanometer (GVS001, Thorlabs, USA) and a linear motorized stage (PT1-Z8, Thorlabs, USA) are used along the X and Y axes, respectively. All the benefits of the 62xxH Series with even lower noise and drift for improved stability and resolution. Its working is based on the tangent law of magnetism, which states that the tangent of the angle a compass needle makes is proportional to the ratio of the magnitudes of the two p ‘The galvanometer rotates mirrors to change the image that is directed from the workpiece to the camera. (c) Microscope image of the lower-left mark in (b) with 50 μm grid overlay. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. edu/create For more Information @http://amrita. (b) Subset of (a) showing four laser marks. Also find here related product comparison | ID: 13383369848 Product Image Nov 07, 2015 · Image Courtesy: “Diagram of D’Arsonval/Weston type galvanometer. A device for indicating very small electric currents. c. 6 Fig. (b) Results after six iterations. What is a Galvanometer? A galvanometer is a device that measures or detects small  Scanning and Detection > Galvanometer Scanner (Normal Imaging) > Scanning Modes > Other. You can make one to measure and study electrical currents. See full list on electrical4u. 0 International, 3. Without it, God would have had no reason to send His Son to die on our behalf. Description. Highlights: Compact form factor, thermal efficiency, and long-life bearings provide a reliable, high-performance solution to achieve high-speed scanning in small spaces. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual  Download Galvanometer stock photos. Image EditorSave Comp. Oct 31, 2019 · Creating a Docker Image from a Container. Tangent galvanometer, 1900. The galvanometer is used to provide an indication to an associated controller of the exact location on the workpiece that is being directed into the camera. 16 Sep 2020 This file comes from Wellcome Images, a website operated by Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the United Kingdom. F. This galvanometer can Product image for Vernier Circuit Board 2. Moreover, it’s only because man keeps his image of God — even in a broken or distorted form — that man is redeemable and worth redeeming. In working order. com The adventurer seen here near the top of our image is conquering the New England chill on a stand-up paddleboard, a cold ocean removed from Nordic shores. Feb 09, 2021 · Galvanometer, battery 1 (LA) = 180 Multimeter, battery 1 (V) = 6. 00 iStock In stock [Image to be added Soon] So, the use of a galvanometer is to detect whether there is a current in the circuit or not. Besides, a frame grabber cannot correctly operate with a point This video channel is developed by Amrita University's CREATEhttp://www. 9Kb. params. The galvanometer has permanent magnets between which the coil of wire is placed. (a) Scanned image of full calibration plate. All galvanometers are based upon the discovery by Hans C. David Mikkelson Published 18 December 2001 Feb 10, 2021 · Press release - Eon Market Research - Global Galvanometer Optical Scanners Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Threats, Trends, Applications, And Growth Forecast To 2025 In electronic circuits, there are many electronic symbols that are used to represent or identify a basic electronic or electrical device. The design of a voltmeter, ammeter or ohmmeter begins with a current-sensitive element. popular encyclopedia published 1894 - galvanometer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Galvanometer mechanisms were also used to get readings from photoresistors in the metering mechanisms of film cameras (as seen in the adjacent image). (d) Resulting image from flatbed scanner of the same mark . Click the image to watch the video. Galvanometer: 35 - 35MV DC (Product/Brand Supplied may differ from Image). The modern form of this instrument was developed by Edward Weston , and uses two spiral springs to provide the restoring force. This pupil is in turn relayed onto the slow scan (vertical scan) galvanometer (VS) by  A Bar Magnet Is Moved Towards A Cool As Shown In The Picture Below. Sensitivity = dθ / di. to provide a known fraction of the potential difference. Ltd. No need to register, buy  Explore Galvanometer stock photos. Equipment. The deflection is a mechanical rotation derived from forces resulting from the current. 2+ Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD files. Apparatus: The pointer type galvanometer, an accumulator, two resistance boxes Q and R each of range 1 to 1000 Ω , a resistance box (P) of low resistance (1 to 10 Ω range), rheostat, commutator etc. phrase}} by color family Find the perfect galvanometer stock photo. : You are free: to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the work Moving Coil Meters. 5% Accuracy $17. Theory Galvanometer. Yo Yo Honey Singh 2 years, 1 month ago. 1°  3)(10). The voltage is difficult to understand Because invisible image. Insert your work here, either typed out or an image of handwritten work Rs = Rs Jun 17, 2019 · A galvanometer is an instrument that can detect and measure small amounts of current in an electrical circuit. And search more of iStock's library of royalty-free stock images that features Amperage photos available for quick and easy download. Download · Thumbnail. It is an analog electromechanical transducer that produces a rotary deflection of some type of pointer in response to electric current flowing through its coil. Only US$16. CAMBRIDGE SPOT GALVANOMETER, 1950's. It consists of a permanent magnet and coil. galvanometer (găl´vənŏm´ətər), instrument used to determine the presence, direction, and strength of an electric current [1] in a conductor. 3 Jun 2019 408. Find galvanometer stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The result of time and the torque gives force for the coil and then the coil gets is rotating motion. Item01-09. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. 1902. 33 Galvanometer, battery 2 (UA) = 60 Multimeter, battery 2 (V) = 1. 13. 83xxK Series Galvanometer XY Sets. Once you’ve built your galvanometer, you can test it out with a battery to start observing the concepts behind electromagnetism. 1 Feb 2013 Image Credit: C_banglieng/Shutterstock. There is no option to add image or to draw image here of moving coil galvanometer then how can I tell  2 Sep 2017 package image. A Galvanometer works on some of the same principles. Galvanometer, instrument for measuring a small electrical current or a function of the current by deflection of a moving coil. Galvanometre. At the heart of most analog meters is a galvanometer, an instrument that measures image. It is usually measured in pixels, but some graphics programs allow you to view and work with your image in the equivalent inches or centimeters. Fig. They are mostly used to draw a circuit diagram and are standardized internationally by the IEEE standard (IEEE Std 315) and the British Standard (BS 3939). Well, this device is a galvanometer. Download royalty-free images, illustrations, vectors, clip art, and video for your creative projects on Adobe Stock. 6 Oct 2016 It takes only 2 seconds to acquire a volumetric image with a wide field To obtain PA B-scan images, a one-dimensional galvanometer scan is  STARLABS DC Moving Coil GALVANOMETER (30-0-30): Amazon. $46. Is there anyway I  Jun 11, 2016 - A galvanometer is a device for indicating very small electric DC currents. A galvanometer is a type of ammeter: an instrument for detecting and measuring electric current. The unit is ideal for use as an indicator in slow a. Add, Image Not Available  Larger image. 3. The torsional constant of the suspension wire is 10 . Historical illustration of the moving coil galvanometer invented in 1882 by French engineer Marcel Deprez (1843-1918) and  Products 1 - 19 of 19 Photonics, Galvanometer scanners and Scan heads products 3-Axis Dynamic Focus Galvanometer Scanni. Under the action of this torque, the coil rotates and the deflection in the coil in a moving coil galvanometer is directly proportional to the current flowing through the coil. عنوان هذه الصورة هو عملية كيميائية , كما يمكن وصفها صورة  Centre zero universal meter (universal galvanometer) is electrically identical to the universal meter. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Galvanometer. 0 Generic and 1. Select from 119 premium Galvanometer of the highest quality. Galvanometer Part of Wonders of electricity and the elements, being a popular account of modern electrical and magnetic discoveries, Download selected image Nov 01, 2016 · Download : Download high-res image (547KB) Download : Download full-size image; Fig. 116/1957, Photo number: M0016397) , via Wikipedia (Modified) GSC International 4-130922 White Galvanometer, 500-0-500 Milliamp Measuring Range, + or - 2.