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FedGate searches through multiple information portals in real time to present relevant information in a structured format. This robust discovery tool enables students and researchers cut through excess information, thereby increasing productivity.

FedGate is an invaluable tool for students, researchers, professionals, and librarians in academic, government, and corporate sectors. It helps them retrieve and analyse content to discover emerging trends and identify path-breaking innovations.

The tool supports users sort through data across several fields including:



Social Science




Key Features

Collates data from numerous information resources in one window for easy analysis and citation

Searches through multiple portals simultaneously for a more efficient and fruitful outcome

Helps in management and saving of search keywords and fields

Presents customisable display options, allowing organisation of the result set according to convenience

Offers a range of post-processing facilities on the result set, such as deduplication, relevance ranking, etc.

Enables sharing of search results with peers for collaboration