Library Management Solutions

Koha – Library Management System

Automate your library for a hitch-free experience

Koha is the world’s best open source library automation software, used by over 3,000 academic, public, and special libraries around the world. In India, libraries of esteemed institutions such as British Council Libraries, IIM Ahmadabad, and Mysore University are implementing this software. Koha encapsulates all modules required for a comprehensive library software.

Koha has all the modules you would expect in a fully-functional library software – acquistion, serials, members, circulation, cataloging, reports, and tools. Koha is Standards compliant – MARC 21 ( or UNIMARC) for cataloging, Z39.5 for copy cataloging, UTF-8 for non-English catalog data, and SIP2 for RFID integration.

We have a team of experts supporting libraries in deploying Koha within their institutions.

Our Koha team – Our Koha team has more than 10 years of experience in development, installation, implementation, data migration, and training on Koha. They have contributed patches and code base support to the Koha community and are the only organization in India for having done so.

Our Services:

Hosting and software maintenance on cloud

Onsite training and group training

Conversion and data migration from different LMS to Koha

Customization, new feature development, bug fixing, compatibility development, 3rd party integration, compliance report, and many more

FedGate – Discovery Solution

Discover your library through a single search box

FedGate searches through multiple information resources available in the library in real-time through a single search box to present relevant information in a structured format. This robust discovery tool enables students and researchers cut through excess information, thereby increasing productivity.

FedGate is an invaluable tool for students, researchers, professionals, and librarians in academic, government, and corporate sectors. It helps them retrieve, analyze, and discover content subscribed by the institution through a single search in relevant order.

Key Features

Collates data from numerous information resources in one window for easy analysis and citation

Searches through multiple portals simultaneously for a more efficient and fruitful outcome

Helps in management and saving of search keywords and fields

Presents customizable display options, allowing organization of the result according to convenience

Offers a range of post-processing facilities on the result set, such as deduplication, relevance ranking, etc

Enables sharing of search results with peers for collaboration

EzProxy – Remote Access Solution

Access your resources from anywhere in the world

OCLC® EZproxy® is the industry-leading middleware solution for remote user authentication. This access and authentication software allows libraries to deliver remote secure online access to e-content. It facilitates a single sign-on using existing library-issued credentials, such as a library card number and PIN, or username and password.

With simple modifications, EZproxy can be integrated into a variety of library delivery systems, providing library users with seamless access to e-content. In addition, the software maintains a standard web server log to evaluate database usage to help identify which content users need.

Manage remote online access to licensed e-content without cumbersome log-in screens and multiple passwords

Connect seamlessly to several content providers — including OCLC, EBSCO, and Gale — and your existing authentication services, including LDAP, SIP, CAS, and Shibboleth

Make informed licensing decisions with regular usage reports

Connect library users to resources based on user authorization. The software authenticates users against local authentication systems to allow single sign-on access to your library’s licensed content

Enable users to search for content both remotely and during off-hours

Available in local installation mode as well as Cloud


Ensure security for your library without a watchman

As the world advances towards automation services for libraries, Informatics offers smarter, cost-effective automation solutions such as the RFID. Most libraries consider the prospect of implementing RFID daunting as it can involve substantial expenditure, technical knowledge, and changes in the current working scenario. But Informatics uses the Building Blocks Approach to minimize expenditure, thereby enabling even smaller libraries to embrace this technology. Libraries can start with just the basic implementation of tags and staff station to become RFID enabled. This provides support to many areas like offering patrons self-check in/out, taking stock, searching books, and weeding out miss-shelved items. It also enables 24-hour check-in and a remote on-campus mini library, among other services.

Informatics offers the following RFID solutions

RFID tags
Staff reader
Security gates
Inventory system
Self-check-out kiosk
Intelligent trolleys
Auto-sorting system
Job work

Key Features

Speeds up circulation activities

Provides librarian with details of check in/out from across the globe

Automates routine activities like check in/out

Prevents intentional and unintentional removal of library material without checkout

Takes stock of inventory without manual intervention

Provides 24-hour check-in facility to patrons

Relieves staff from manual work for better interaction with patrons and other library works

Journal Subscription Services

With 35 years of indelible imprint in the journal subscription business, we can proudly say that our customers are a delighted lot.  They have trusted our enduring service levels consistently delivered year after year. And what is more important is that our service quality is continuously evolving, fulfilling the unmet needs of our customers.

Our distribution division provides the following services to our library customers :

Print journal subscriptions

Print journal subscriptions (foreign & Indian) of any publisher, any subject be it research, scholarly, or a trade magazine

Online journal subscriptions

Online journal subscriptions of Taylor and Francis including Maney publications and Informa Health Care, Karger, Sage publications, Cambridge University Press, World Scientific, and many more

Our team of professional Customer Service Executive handles the subscription of each journal of our customer with utmost care and provide personal attention to ensure regular, timely, and 100% supplies during the year.

Our Material Handling department ensures that the journals are supplied in well-packed conditions for delivery to the libraries on-time and within a reasonable time of publications.