Publishing & Content Management Services

Online Journal Publishing & Management Services

Informatics offers an easy-to-use online journal publishing and management platform that is designed for improved editorial management of scholarly journals. It also enables better accessibility to content. Our Online Journal Management System (OJMS) drastically reduces the broadcasting duration of research papers by managing the publishing cycle end-to-end.

Key Features

Customized online manuscript submission and review system

Online payment gateway

Pre-defined email templates for authors and reviewers

Hosting and maintenance of brand new mobile-friendly websites for each journal

Specialized author index for every journal

Hosting on Windows Azure Cloud environment

Informatics assist in assigning Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for Journal, Book, and Conference Proceeding Publishers.

Digitization, Conversion & Repository Services

Preserve valuable documents in digital form

Informatics offers a complete, cost-effective digitization solution. We assist in producing archival quality digital images. Our state-of-the-art technology converts data from any source – digital, typed, or handwritten – into a specified digital format. Documents are scanned through Over-head Book Scanners, Auto Document Feeder (ADF) Scanners, and Flatbed Scanners according to the requirement. Each page is scanned with iThresholding, which automatically adjusts brightness and contrast for scanned documents. The software auto-crops, auto-orients, detects colour, and smoothens background colour, drastically reducing digitization time.

Our digitization methodology includes

Document Receipt, Inventory Preparation, Document Scanning, Image Processing, Quality Control, Transfer to Repository

Informatics also offers special digitization services for rare books. We are equipped with high-quality production scanners and a Bookeye over-head scanner. Bookeye is ideal for capturing bound documents – rare books, ancient manuscripts, and archival content. Documents remain in their natural state on the scan surface. They do not need to be unbound, separated, or carefully positioned.

All your digital data — now in one place

Informatics presents DMS, a one-of-a-kind hosted archiving solution where libraries can preserve intellectual work. It is a robust and cloud-based platform, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime. All data stored on the DMS are interoperable. It is an investment-free solution to build a digital library.

DMS can store:

Monographs and Conference Papers

Books and Book Chapters

Audio and Video Lectures

Conference Papers

Key Features

Minimizes capital-expenditure costs associated with running a repository

Manages all aspects of the repository including availability, installation, configuration, maintenance, preservation, backup, and restoration procedures

Supports the institution with regular updates, new features, test platform, and enhanced decoupled micro-services

Stores and serves any file type – PDF, Tiff, Doc, Excel, video, audio, research data, high-resolution images

Content Management Services

As the world is increasingly moving towards digital media, more people are relying on online data for information. Informatics specializes in creating, managing, formatting both structured and unstructured information on online platforms. We offer a host of content management services to enterprises and publishing houses including:

Abstracting, Indexing & Cataloguing Services

We have domain experts in various subject areas who can recreate abstracts and index article as per client requirements. We also have 50 dedicated freelancers to create abstracts and carry out manual indexing. We have been supplying recreated abstracts and indexed articles from scholarly journals in the area of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Engineering for more than a decade to Elsevier and DECHEMA.

Directory Compilation Services

Informatics assists directory publishers to validate, update, and publish directories online. We build and deliver a comprehensive platform for the content extracted from their raw databases. The team adopts reliable methodologies to compile the content to maintain the directory’s standards.

Metadata Creation

Informatics helps extract bibliographic metadata from academic, research, and industry journals. The metadata is delivered in XML format as per schema specified by the publisher. This would enable the publishers to index their journal articles with various indexing agencies.

Conference Publishing

Managing and arranging conferences can be a tedious and time-consuming process when data is spread across multiple platforms. Informatics’s Online Conference Management System (OCMS) effortlessly manages end-to-end conference paper submissions and participant registrations. We also publish conference proceedings both online and offline with support from our Online Journal Management Services (OJMS).

Key Features

Design, development, and implementation of conference websites on OJMS.

Deployment of Conference Management System on Cloud for fast and 100% accessibility.

Uploading of presentations on conference website using authentic login credentials. This enables conference organizers to manage and collate all the presentations in a centralized location.

Implementation of peer review workflow within the conference website for online registration of participants, online paper submission, and assignment of papers for peer review.

Online Payment Gateway for easy collection of participation fees. OJMS supports a separate gateway for Rupee and Dollar currencies.

Preservation of conference materials. This helps the IEI build the history of all conferences conducted in one centralized facility.