Conference Publishing

Managing and arranging conferences can be a tedious and time-consuming process when data is spread across multiple platforms. Informatics’s Online Conference Management System (OCMS) effortlessly manages end-to-end conference paper submissions and participant registrations. We also publish conference proceedings both online and offline with support from our Online Journal Management Services (OJMS).

Key Features

Design, development, and implementation of conference websites on OJMS.

Deployment of Conference Management System on Cloud for fast and 100% accessibility.

Uploading of presentations on conference website using authentic login credentials. This enables conference organizers to manage and collate all the presentations in a centralized location.

Implementation of peer review workflow within the conference website for online registration of participants, online paper submission, and assignment of papers for peer review.

Online Payment Gateway for easy collection of participation fees. OJMS supports a separate gateway for Rupee and Dollar currencies.

Preservation of conference materials. This helps the IEI build the history of all conferences conducted in one centralized facility.