Who We Serve

We aim to create and disseminate knowledge and information for the benefit of those who seek to learn. Our customers for our products and services are global. Our customers today are largely in the space of higher education, research, and business.

Libraries and their customers are our primary user base today. Millions of customers around the globe use our information products through their libraries. We support libraries by providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for effective management of library resources.

Publishers and information companies use our content management services. We also promote the products of these companies through our content aggregation platform.

Scholarly authors, our primary user group for our information products, are also our partners in our recent Open Access Journal Publishing initiatives.

Our customer base continues to expand as we broaden the scope of our information services in the universe of knowledge.

Why Informatics

We are a unique, multi-dimensional, financially-sound and trusted company with a singular focus – information.

We are unique because we are a content + technology company. With our demonstrated knowledge and professional experience in the information industry, we create information products of global excellence and value. We build technology platforms and solutions of global quality to deliver and manage information better.

We are multi-dimensional within our business focus. We offer information as product, service, and solution in multiple disciplines to a diverse group of customers.

We have sustained a profitable growth for thirty five years.

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